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What is CRABO


CRABO button element rejoicing (Kids Craft Subscription Box) a CRAFT Subscription Box Service for children. Each box is loaded with age-appropriate,    3-4 craft activities for children that promote being  CREATIVE as a WAY OF LIFE.

CRABO thread element rejoicing (Kids Craft Subscription Box)

...boxes are Curated  by experts, Approved by crafting enthusiasts and Tested by kids.

CRABO glue element rejoicing (Kids Craft Subscription Box) designed to INSPIRE, ENGAGE & ENTERTAIN  the growing minds of children, alongside developing them into Curious and Critical thinking people. 

  We @ CRABO...

CRABO paint tube element rejoicing (Kids Craft Subscription Box)

...encourage CRAFTING that enhances Creativity,  which opens minds to new ideas, and, supports Empowerment, both Intellectual and Emotional, for children and parents.

CRABO scissors element rejoicing (Kids Craft Subscription Box)

...believe in the concept of  "Prioritize the fun...learning will come".

CRABO yarn element rejoicing (Kids Craft Subscription Box)

...want children  to have fun, be carefree and happy, and have outlets with which to express themselves, and in the process hone their creative skills.


How it Works

Select A Plan,

Select Plan!


Become a Crabster!

Doorstep Delivery,

Doorstep Delivery!

Select Plan


Little Crabster

4-7 Years

Monthly Plan         1199/-   ₹960/-

Quarterly Plan      2997/    ₹2398/-

  • Age-appropriate, 3-5 surprise craft projects. 
  • Unique, hand-picked crafts that build creative thinking and parent-child bonding.   
  • Illustrated, easy to follow instructions. 
  • Gender neutral- suited for both boys & girls. 
  • Become a Certified Crabster. 
  • Delivered to your door. 

Curious Crabster

8+ Years

Monthly Plan       1199/       ₹960/- 
Quarterly Plan    2997/    ₹2398/-
  • Age-appropriate, 3-5 surprise craft projects. 
  • Quality Craft Supplies. Invest your time in bonding & crafting, rather than planning, sourcing & prepwork.
  • Illustrations included, but adaptations encouraged. 
  • Gender neutral- suited for both boys & girls. 
  • Become a Certified Crabster. 
  • Delivered to your door. 

Event Orders

For Everyone

Bulk Order

  • Hand-picked craft activities curated by experts. 
  • Includes all supplies and Illustrated Instructions for kids to create and take home craft keepsakes.
  • Coordinator to conduct the event, on request.
  • Gender neutral- suited for both boys & girls.
  • Popular for BIRTHDAY PARTIES and all kiddie events.
  • Advance Booking for Bulk Orders.

Join the Crabo Family

Little cartoon kids running and playing around three CRABO boxes (Kids Craft Subscription Box)

Crabo  empowersthe  creativity in your child, easily allowing you to integrate  Family & Fun Time in the most convenient manner.

Become a Crabster Today!

CRABO Pointing towards #CraboChallenge


Stand a chance to become a  Certified Crabster and receive your super awesome  Certificate of Appreciation in Creativity.

To participate in the #CraboChallenge, you have to:
Create your original pieces of art using the Crabo box supplies, click a pic of all final designs and post it with  #CraboChallenge, on our  Facebook Page  or email the pics to [email protected]


What started as a thought , an idea was manifested into something we believe in. We've been close friends way before we got married and became parents to two wonderful little kids. We've worked in different countries, traveled to far off places, created wonderful memories and shared umpteen concepts and ideas throughout our journey.

CRABO was born from the desire to have an enduring impact for our children on how they learn and have fun during family time. In an effort to keep gadgets and screen time to a minimum, we wanted to build something engaging for kids, which allows them to gain inspiration from creativity, develop affinity for simple stuff and appreciation for well made things.
There’s no better way to learn than by doing. There’s no better time than when you’re together.
Travel with us on our crafting journey, and, CREATE TODAY, FOR TOMORROW.